Why a Project Management Section?

The architect and the project manager have to collaborate a lot for a software project to be successful. The architect can collaborate better when they understand some of the things that the project manager is trying to do and how that relates to what the architect is trying to get done.

There are lots of good definitions for what project management is all about. See the project management section of the References page for some examples. What it comes down to is that the project manager is responsible for acquiring and assigning resources to most effectively achieve the goals of the project. They are responsbile for budget, resource scheduling, change management, progress tracking, personnel management and risk management.

What do Project Management and Architecture have to do with Each Other?

According to Ron Glass add reference to Glass here the two biggest project killers are unstable requirements and bad estimating. The Architecture Requirements page has some ideas on how to capture architecture requirements. The Estimation Add reference to estimation page page describes a set of processes for early project estimation.